How does Deming's work on quality help us?

28 April (Thursday) 

1pm - 2pm (CEST, Stockholm) 

2pm - 3pm (EEST, Kyiv)

W. Edwards Deming is known as one of the most important management scientists of the twentieth century. Through advocating quality as a business philosophy, he helped industry in Japan recover after World War Two. His work underpins many aspects of lean and agile, and our understanding of quality. The way we work today is built on the foundations Deming laid down.

In this talk I will introduce you to his definition of quality, the Deming Cycle and Deming’s 14 Points for Management. The Deming Cycle shows us how iterations should work.

Deming's 14 Points gives us a theory of management for the improvement of quality, productivity and competitive position, which is something we as testers want.

Language: English

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    Mike Harris
    Tester at Geckoboard

    Mike has been working in testing for 20 years and is currently the tester for Geckoboard. He has been a member of a test team, a Solo Tester and a Test Lead. He has also worked as a part of waterfall, lean and agile teams.

    Mike has a B.Sc.(HONS) from Middlesex University and is an Associate of the University of Hertfordshire. He has set up and led a Testing Community of Practice and been part of a successful agile transition. He is also Programme Secretary of the British Computer Society’s Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing.

    He also contributed to the e-book Testing Stories and has had articles published by the Ministry of Testing and The QA Lead.

    In his spare time he coaches his daughters cricket team.

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